About Us

We at FARMBOWL intend to reach the masses by reconnecting them with Nature.

Agriculture is a sector that inherently demands 'sustain'-ability'. The concept of sustainability is not new, rather it is as old as farming and growing itself. At the same time, newer approaches and technological advances can accelerate advances in both quality and quantity of the produce, along with streamlining allied agricultural practices such as back-end and front-end linkages to ensure high outputs, minimum wastage and longer shelf-life of products.

We are a 100-year old family farm which prides itself on blending the old with the new. While we retain our traditional knowledge passed down by generations, yet we constantly explore breakthroughs in agro-science and adopt new techniques and mechanisms which ensure the farm is run in a sustainable manner.

However, each practice is evaluated to make sure it is eco-friendly and builds soil-health before it is implemented. As such we undertake activities which maintain soil health, ecosystems and people. Thus, our farm aims to work with Nature as what is natural shall endure the most.

We have been amongst the selected farms for various agricultural universities for the past 50 years and have undertaken many a pilot programme to promote new scientific research. Teams from all across the globe, especially European countries and USA visit us to understand our agricultural model.

Our products are organic in nature. We actively restrict use of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides. Probiotic bacteria in the form of sour buttermilk, Neem(Azadirachta indica) spray and Vermicompost is used to maintain an ecological balance, soil health and retain fertility.

At FarmBowl, we promise you seasonal, balanced and highly nutritive food products.

Farm Bowl